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Do you want your tracks to compare favourably with the ones you hear on radio, in clubs and on playlists in public places etc? If so, the Audio Mastering course is the finishing touch you are looking for. It will help you develop/tune your ears, find out about mastering EQ, compression (including multi-band), limiting, mid/side processing and more. The skills you absorb on this course can be applied to any mastering software such as Waves, Brainworx, Sonnox and Ozone. The course has been developed by Doug Shearer (mastering engineer for Jamelia, Gorillaz, Kasabian) with contributions from top industry professionals, Jim Lowe (producer/engineer for Stereophonics, The Charlatans) & Bunt Stafford Clark (mastering engineer for Thom Yorke, Manic Street Preachers, Aloe Blacc). Led by a professional mastering engineer at the top of his game who works with top acts in the best mastering studios in London, this is the culmination of your musical journey: the art of mastering is revealed!

Includes over 8 hours of high quality video tutorials / weekly feedback / frequent DVR™ (1-2-1 video feedback) / 8 hours live masterclasses /1 year access / over 160 pages of course notes / 24/7 access to forum / exclusive audio resources to download. Submit your track/s to Point Blank Music distributed by iTunes, Beatport, Juno Download and Amazon.


What Is Mastering?

  • Mastering process: should I master while I mix?
  • What is mastering? A brief history
  • Perception, psycho acoustics, octaves, dBs
  • Speaker designs & monitoring environment
  • Levels (Fletcher-Munson); perceived vs absolute

Digital Theory

  • Digital audio, Sample rate, bit depth
  • Metering: VU & peak, phase, spectrum analyzer
  • Preparation: file format, sample rate, bit depth
  • Project set-up and management
  • Introduction to plug-ins: a typical chain


  • Spectral content: identify the bands
  • EQ designs: analog & digital
  • EQ types: filters, peaks and shelves
  • Corrective EQ
  • Creative EQ


  • The role of compression at the mastering stage
  • Compressor designs & parameters
  • Typical uses of compression
  • Limiters at the mastering stage
  • Brickwall and the war of loudness

Practical Dynamics

  • How EQ & compression interact
  • Understanding transients; how to control them
  • Corrective techniques
  • De-essers
  • Parallel compression

Mastering in Action

  • Demonstrations in various different music styles
  • Instrumental dance
  • Electronic with vocals
  • Rock/live
  • Acoustic

Advanced Techniques

  • Dealing with problematic mixes
  • Multi band compression: strengths and uses
  • Stereo width: tools and techniques
  • Mid/Side approach: EQ, volume and dynamics
  • Use of reverb at mastering

Working on Albums, Compilations

  • Album vs compilation; a different approach
  • Editing: fades, cross-fades, gaps
  • Level and tonal coherence
  • CD (red book, PQ coding, ISRC)
  • Preparing master for pressing plant


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