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Fully updated to Live 9 and integrating Push (although you do not need Push to take this course) to include new functions, this 8 week module is part of a total of 8 in the Ableton Live Diploma programme. It includes: recording automation into clips; audio to Midi functions; programming a beat, bassline & chord pattern; building Scenes & recording an arrangement with Push and Glue Compressor. The module starts with the basics and guides you through to producing a finished master. It has been lovingly crafted by producers who have used Ableton Live on a daily basis for many years, so therefore spotlights the important tips that might otherwise remain buried in the manual, e.g. customizing your sets, setting up your own key mapping & commands to speed up workflow, building your own custom racks, chopping up loops, alternative mixer routing, hidden FX functions, creating percussion patterns with the Arpeggiator, good 'housekeeping' of all your musical assets. This course highlights Ableton’s strengths over other DAWs such as Midi FX, working with session view, grouping tracks and it's taught by experienced music industry professionals and Ableton Certified Trainers - see Expert Instructors below. Upload your music for DVR™- bi-weekly expert analysis and video feedback. 

Includes over 8 hours of high quality video tutorials / weekly feedback / frequent DVR™ (1-2-1 video feedback) / 8 hours live masterclasses /1 year access / over 160 pages of course notes / 24/7 access to forum / exclusive audio resources to download. Submit your track/s to Point Blank Music distributed by iTunes, beatport, Juno Download and Amazon.


Beat Making with Impulse

  • Overview of Ableton
  • Browser: devices, session and arrange view
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Live packs
  • Drums: kits, Impulse, quantize, velocity tricks
  • Counting music: rhythm and tempo
  • Creating self contained projects

Groove, Warping and Clip Envelopes

  • Layered Drums: multiple Impulse kits
  • Midi controllers: playing in live, OVR function
  • Hot Swap: single sounds and kits
  • Quantize, groove and swing
  • Warping explained
  • Percussion: warping loops, warp markers
  • Clip envelopes: events, automation

Music and Bass with Simpler

  • Sounds: browsing, tricks, REX and Midi files
  • Simpler: loading sounds, start points
  • Programming bass parts in different genres
  • Compression: basics
  • Simpler: filter,  LFO, velocity, Live 7 Legacy
  • Riffs, chords and scales, arpeggiator
  • Racks: chains, instruments, drum racks

Scenes and Effects

  • Building scenes:capture and insert, labelling
  • Effects: inserts v sends/returns, when and why?
  • Delay and Reverb
  • Creative effects: Beat Repeat and Auto Filter
  • Midi mapping: sends, midi map values
  • Key mapping: toggle switches, mixing desk
  • Resampling: what and why? Frequency shifter

Arrangement and Vocals

  • Recording Arrangements
  • Automation: editing, recording/overdubbing
  • Arrange view essentials, fixed grid
  • Editing audio, consolidation, Red drums, fades
  • Editing midi
  • Free 3rd party plug ins: T.A.L/NI Kore Player
  • Vocal samples and recording vocals

Structure and Arrangement

  • Slice to midi: Macro loop compress functions
  • Structure: breakdowns, larger sections, method
  • Arrangement: how parts co exist
  • Arrangement types: songs, tracks
  • Project: Soy Mustafa ‘Red’, Jonny Miller Remix
  • Arranging: delete time, copy sections, als files
  • Tips: fills, Red drums, fill from original drum loop

Mixing Basics

  • Sweeps, washes, reverses, cymbals, FX
  • Freeze & Flatten options
  • Session view: set up, extending faders, sizing
  • Grouping tracks for mixing and processing
  • Spectrum analysing: using it to 'see' sound
  • Functional FX: EQ Eight and Auto Filter HP
  • Compression: attack/release, side chaining

Finish Project

  • Apply finishing touches to project
  • Exporting your track , options, dither
  • What is mastering? Pro mastering vs. ‘maxing’
  • Mastering basics: master bus additions
  • Ableton Course Final Test
  • Soundcloud and your online profile
  • Assignment 8: finish final track

Expert Instructors

Certified Ableton Live Trainer Freddy Cuin has worked with Shy FX, BLIM, Above and Beyond and more. Freddy is a dynamic and committed member of the team. AKA Freddy Frogs, you can catch him in full flow on our Friday Forum Live (FFL!) broadcasts via our YouTube channel. Freddy Cuin Certified Ableton/Serato Trainer
Hector Hernandez aka Hektagon is always looking to push electronic music forward. Known for his eclectic musical taste, his début album 'London' (Freaks of Nature) carved him his own space in the Dubstep/Bass Music scene. He has remixed Baobinga and ID (Fat! records), High Frequency Bandwidth (Malicious Damage), Piece of Shh.... (Svetlana Industries), received radio support from Mary Anne Hobbs and played live in some of the UK's finest venues. Hector Hernandez Ableton Live


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